The Myth of Somatotypes: There Is No Such Thing As “Body Types”

Surely you have heard of somatotypes – that is, the supposed 3 body types. They are: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Sadly, this myth has absolutely no grounding in science or reality. There is no such thing as a “body type”. There are not “plum shapes”, “round shapes”, “slender shapes”, “hourglass shapes” etc. If you look like that it is not because of your genetics, it is because … read more

HIIT Interval Training Can Help You Overcome Any Addiction

What’s your poison? Sugar, television, shopping, alcohol, smoking, gaming, gambling, social media – nearly everyone in America is addicted to something. These addictions are dangerous for the body, the mind, and the wallet – either directly or indirectly. Other countries as well, including countries in Europe and Asia, and Australia. A select number of people may have serious addictions, but many others have more subtle addictions. Even … read more

Foolproof Easy Trick To Overcome Gym and Workout Procrastination

You keep saying, “I’ll get started tomorrow”, or “I’ll get started on Monday”. Tomorrow passes, then so does Monday. And the following Monday. And the Monday after that. Soon enough, years have passed and you still haven’t gotten disciplined to work out. Why are you procrastinating? There is a solid reason and a simple trick you can do to achieve your goal of creating a regular routine. … read more

Easy Diet Plans For Weight Loss

There are a lot of great plans for losing weight, but the most important thing is that you do not go on any diet, but instead change your lifestyle. You really need to radically and permanently change the entire way that you eat. The biggest problem though is that there is just too much information out there, and you can easily get overwhelmed by it all. Fortunately … read more

Best Creative Workout Strategies

Sometimes the same old workout just gets boring, so as a result you tend not to hit the gym as often as you would like. Simply switching up your routine could be just what you need to jumpstart your workout plans and fitness goals. How do you find the right creative workout strategies for you? There are so many possibilities for creative workouts and searching randomly can … read more

Lose Weight Fast Naturally

No one likes to wait forever to lose weight. A few years ago I actually lost 30 pounds of pure fat with zero exercise, zero supplements, and zero cost, besides a change in my diet. I didn’t use any programs, nothing and followed no real plan besides these fundamentals. It stayed off and now I’m in great shape. Check back soon and I will explain to you … read more

Best Tips For Great Health

The most obvious strategies to overall great health include drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, keeping your stress down, and getting regular exercise. Sometimes, however, it may seem easier said than done. Here I will give you some great tips for overall great health including the top ten best ways to get in great health and effective ways to utilize these tips, so check back … read more