Dark Chocolate with Intermittent Fasting = Extreme Weight Loss?

I really can’t believe this happened but it’s real. It has to be caused by the dark chocolate. I’ve been trying to lose these last few pounds from my stomach for awhile now. I look pretty slim, but I want to look like the magazines again. Some years ago I spent a year of poor eating, which was a huge mistake. I finally lost those 30 pounds … read more

HIIT Interval Training Can Help You Overcome Any Addiction

What’s your poison? Sugar, television, shopping, alcohol, smoking, gaming, gambling, social media – nearly everyone in America is addicted to something. These addictions are dangerous for the body, the mind, and the wallet – either directly or indirectly. Other countries as well, including countries in Europe and Asia, and Australia. A select number of people may have serious addictions, but many others have more subtle addictions. Even … read more

Best Tips For Great Health

The most obvious strategies to overall great health include drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, keeping your stress down, and getting regular exercise. Sometimes, however, it may seem easier said than done. Here I will give you some great tips for overall great health including the top ten best ways to get in great health and effective ways to utilize these tips, so check back … read more