The Protein Powder Industry Has Priced Itself Out Of The Market

It used to be that protein powder was a great and affordable way to get more protein. However, as it caught on, I had noticed that just a couple years previous to when I noticed, I had been able to get a 10lb bag of protein powder for $25. That doubled, and then tripled, and today you can’t get it for less than nearly $200 for the … read more

8 Reasons Why Whole Foods Sucks – Sprouts Is Way Better

I’m extremely health-conscious, but Whole Foods really sucks. Far from a liberal, one of my friends actually thought I was a liberal at first because I’m such a health fanatic. Organic this, no high-fructose corn syrup that, this has artificial sweeteners, that has MSG – in this sense, I somewhat identify with those who go to Whole Foods. Except that I don’t. Here are the top 8 … read more

HIIT Interval Training Can Help You Overcome Any Addiction

What’s your poison? Sugar, television, shopping, alcohol, smoking, gaming, gambling, social media – nearly everyone in America is addicted to something. These addictions are dangerous for the body, the mind, and the wallet – either directly or indirectly. Other countries as well, including countries in Europe and Asia, and Australia. A select number of people may have serious addictions, but many others have more subtle addictions. Even … read more

Best Tips For Great Health

The most obvious strategies to overall great health include drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, keeping your stress down, and getting regular exercise. Sometimes, however, it may seem easier said than done. Here I will give you some great tips for overall great health including the top ten best ways to get in great health and effective ways to utilize these tips, so check back … read more