The Protein Powder Industry Has Priced Itself Out Of The Market

It used to be that protein powder was a great and affordable way to get more protein. However, as it caught on, I had noticed that just a couple years previous to when I noticed, I had been able to get a 10lb bag of protein powder for $25. That doubled, and then tripled, and today you can’t get it for less than nearly $200 for the same 10lb bag of protein powder.

What is protein powder? There are several forms, but by far the most common is whey protein. Whey protein used to be cheap, because it was literally trash. Not to say it wasn’t good, but literally that whey is a waste product from the dairy industry that used to go into the trash. It’s the froth on top that is taken off and thrown away. Unfortunately, some companies caught on that you could sell this trash as a health supplement when it is dried into powder, and so the protein powder industry was born.

The industry got too greedy. Previously, the price was lower than food, because it was literally free. Farmers today still collect some money for giving their whey away, but the vast majority is profit to the supplement industry. With the prices of whey protein (and also other forms of protein powder) so high, there is virtually zero reason to get protein powder.

Not only do most powders contain dangerous artificial ingredients and poisons, such as artificial sweeteners, and worse, soy, the most deadly ingredient of all (some people may be shocked to hear that soy is nearly as dangerous as cyanide, but the effects take longer than cyanide), but even the unflavored versions of protein that are soy-free – and thus, more expensive – are more expensive than actual food. There is zero reason to actually buy the protein powder, because the economics do not make sense.

Today, there is only one reason to buy protein powder. It is not to save money. You will pay much more for protein than regular food. You only pay this hefty premium for convenience. But why? So you can have it 10 minutes earlier than if you waited until you got home. New studies have shown that chocolate milk is the perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates. A 16oz glass of milk contains 16 grams of protein. Likewise, a 16oz serving of protein powder can contain between 16 to 25 grams of protein – but at a much higher cost per gram of protein.

Even though milk recently tripled in price due to coronavirus B.S. (they were literally dumping millions of gallons of milk for absolutely no reason, and then restricting how many you could buy), from the normal price of $1.25 per gallon, to $3+ per gallon (which hopefully will go back down soon), it is still vastly less expensive per gram of protein than protein powder. Why would you buy protein powder when you can just pour a glass of milk? Only those who are lactose intolerant need be concerned – but other sources of protein are equally less expensive and more nutritious than protein powder.

A prime rib steak is cheaper than protein powder. All forms of meat, except the most expensive, including fresh uncured bacon at $7 per pound, are cheaper than protein powder which is now $15+ per pound. There is more protein in the powder per pound, but not more nutrients – it’s still a pound of nutrients; but if you do the math, the protein powder costs more still. That’s right, instead of gargling that nasty protein powder you could have been eating fresh bacon, or a steak, or some scrambled eggs with cheese. And saved money by eating real food.

It’s really ridiculous. The entire protein powder industry has priced themselves out of the market. I have two chest freezers, and what are they filled with? Meat. I could have had hundreds of pounds of protein powder in the closet, like I used to, but now, I can indulge on some steaks and save money in the process while getting better nutrition, no dangerous additives, and more protein.

And in case you’re wondering – protein bars are vastly more expensive than protein powder. So, that much more expensive than regular food.

So, thanks protein industry! Now that you made it so expensive, I never have to buy protein again for the rest of my life. I can just eat more bacon and steaks! Time to go fill up my big chest freezer again! =)

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