Dark Chocolate with Intermittent Fasting = Extreme Weight Loss?

I really can’t believe this happened but it’s real. It has to be caused by the dark chocolate.

I’ve been trying to lose these last few pounds from my stomach for awhile now. I look pretty slim, but I want to look like the magazines again. Some years ago I spent a year of poor eating, which was a huge mistake. I finally lost those 30 pounds 2 years ago, but the last few remained.

Recently I’ve been intermittent fasting, basically a high protein, low carb diet and infrequent meals, dedicated to shredding the last few pounds once and for all. I have been extremely dedicated to shredding the last few pounds, and it includes infrequent meals (intermittent fasting) and attempting to ignore hunger pangs until I cannot anymore.

You begin to realize there is a difference between “I’m hungry and would like to eat something”, and your body screaming, “JUST REACHED THE THRESHHOLD, EAT SOMETHING NOW!” Lol. By that point in time, you have to totally stop what you are doing and eat something. It can’t be ignored. There seems to be a clear moment where your body switches from regular hunger which you can ignore, to extreme hunger where you have to eat something and your body switches to high alert mode.

Solution for not eating when you are hungry

It is worth noting that the ONLY solution to not eating when you are just regular hungry, no matter what your level of self discipline, is to simply not have the food available to eat. This is the same solution I used to eliminate soda, candy, and snack food after my year of poor eating habits. I simply didn’t buy it.

I have been sober (from sugar, soda, and unhealthy snacks) for 8 years now. Literally not once. So that should tell you something of my level of self-discipline when it comes to food. And I don’t know about you but I have been an extreme sugar fiend. Like, when I was little I was skinny but I would eat literally boxes of cookies in one sitting. So don’t go thinking that it doesn’t take effort. I love, love sweets. So it is really something that I totally reject it.

The truth is that you simply cannot have easy food in your house, or else I guarantee when you feel even a little hungry you will begin snacking on whatever you can find (provided you already have a habit of not eating out and only eating at home, as I do). If the food simply isn’t there, you won’t eat it.

Finding a balance for food availability

When I started this a couple months ago, my fridge and freezer were full and I had tubs of peanuts and big bags of organic tortilla chips, microwave burritos (relatively healthy ones), and some other stuff. Guess what? Nearly 100% of anything that is easy to eat is now GONE. And I’m not shopping for more until every little piece of food in my house is totally gone (I still have plenty of frozen meat though).

Instead, I have ingredients or food that I have to cook. And I don’t like spending the time to cook. And since I’ve eaten all the easy stuff, at this point, I pretty much can’t eat without cooking. My brain has been getting creative and trying to learn recipes to try to make more things from the raw ingredients I have left. And I am not a cook. Now that I ran out of eggs, the amount of things I can make (e.g. waffles from scratch) are dwindling. It’s almost amusing, and in fact quite useful.

Microwave meals are out. Microwave burritos are out. Snack food, nuts, or chips are out. If the only food you have is just a little bit, and only food which you have to wait 30 minutes to have cooked, and it takes effort and time to cook it, then you will be able to achieve your goal.

Basically, the balance is about making it a greater inconvenience to actually cook the meal than to just deal with the normal hunger pangs; but not so difficult that you can’t make it once your body goes into overdrive and your stomach screams for food. I only keep granola bars for a quick fix in the event that I waited too long and my body goes into screaming for hunger mode; but otherwise, that is the only thing I have to prevent myself from snacking on, which is usually easy since regular granola bars are boring.

Back to the fast weight loss adventure

Anyway, back to the adventure. Last night I weighed at 148.7 pounds, which on my frame is a pretty nice weight although not magazine quality yet; but with each passing day it’s getting closer.

Today, I am just about there. If I flexed my abs I would probably be ok to pose for a cover model with a tiny bit of photoshop. You know that when you flex your abs you can hide the last couple pounds. I know those last couple are there though and I am devoted to shredding every fat molecule.

As documentation for what caused today’s extreme fat loss, last night I ate a good meal untill full (1 regular plate full) of rice, organic broccoli, and 4oz chicken; with 20 pushups which I’ve been doing daily. So I’m not like starving myself or anything, and not losing muscle.

I’ve been seeing the last few pounds shredded fast lately, especially the last couple weeks due to my efforts and very strict diet. I am not taking any supplements whatsoever (besides a multivitamin), only moderating what I eat. I am also not doing any cardio at all, but rather sedentary sitting down all day and working. (This will change soon! I will be doing more cardiovascular activity as soon as I can, although it is freezing outside.)

I could pinch a certain amount on my stomach about 6 hours ago upon waking after sleeping in really late to catch up on sleep. Shortly after waking I had some oatmeal – basic oats (not those packets) with distilled hot water and then topped with brown sugar (1.5 tbsp), 1 tbsp raw [real] honey, and some organic cinnamon.

I got to doing some things on the computer today after sundown (~5), then around 6pm I ate two small squares (~0.75oz) of 85% organic dark chocolate (no corn syrup, no additives) on a whim, not with anything in mind. Those were all I ate today so far (~6 hrs). I had also had 2 small squares (~0.75oz) of 70% organic dark chocolate yesterday.

I could hardly believe my eyes

Long story short, a few minutes ago I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My stomach looked noticeably smaller, so I tried the pinch test and I could pinch definitely less from only 6 hours ago (there’s not much left). Could hardly believe it so I weighed, and it showed 147.0 pounds, which is amazingly a loss of 1.7 pounds from last night’s weight.

1.7 pounds lost in 6 hours, or at least since last night. I really couldn’t believe that I lost 1.7 pounds in 6 hours but I think it was the dark chocolate. I googled and apparently yes, dark chocolate can help with weight loss, something I had never thought of, although of course I am aware tha caffeine can help curb the appetite and stimulate the metabolism.

I only have a couple, maybe 2 to 5 total pounds to go before ideal perfect magazine-worthy weight. It’s been a long struggle to lose those last 10 pounds, and have been trying for the last year. Lately I have finally been making progress, but it has taken extreme dedication.

Recently I read about people who have dona a meat-only diet for months and came out healthier even on their blood tests. Therefore it is possible that I could simply eat meat anytime I was hungry, and achieve similar results, rather than fasting; however, that is at this point speculative, whereas what I have done has clearly worked. YMMV.

It has been an amazing journey

I am truly thrilled about this experience and wanted to share it with you readers. It is hard to believe how much I lost in 1 day; and without the pinch test I would have chalked it up to water weight, although I have been drinking water. The visual and pinch test both verify extreme fat loss in just hours which is amazing, but this is clearly the result of a string of positive habits that have finally culminated into results.

Those last few pounds have been extremely stubborn. I have felt like my body has been desperately clinging to them “in case of emergency”, and it’s like a battle between my conscious mind and my subconscious, involuntary body processes (i.e. thermogenesis aka fat burning, ketogenesis, etc.)

It’s like my body is greedily clinging onto those pounds for dear life and I am fighting myself to say “no, you don’t need it for a rainy day, you need to use that fat for energy NOW!” It seems that finally, finally I am winning this war and shredding those last few pounds, at last. It sure isn’t easy though.

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